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Automotive Equipment Technical Institute
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Automotive Equipment Technical Institute Offers:
Nationwide Automotive Lift Inspections
OSHA and Department of Labor Compliance Programs
Factory Trained OSHA Certified Inspectors
Certified Automotive Lift Operator Safety Training.

We can help your facility become completely compliant and meet the ANSI ALOIM 2008 standard for automotive lifts, jacks and jack stands
Call us today for more info 877-599-LIFT(5438)  

Every type of lift, whether a two-post side-by-side, in-ground, fore-and-aft lift, parallelogram, mobile, or four post ramp-style lift, has specific safety procedures for safely lifting the vehicles. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and OSHA standards require annual vehicle lift inspections by experienced lift professionals. In addition, ANSI and OSHA require mechanics using vehicle lifts be properly re-certified annually on their knowledge of how to use lifts.

A two-post lift engages the vehicle frame or lifting points. It is critically important lift operators always know the specific lifting points for every vehicle. To help shop technicians determine manufacturer-specific lift points, all shops should have access to vehicle pick up points (VPUP).

Know what your responsibilities are, let us help you stay compliant.

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